Monday, December 7, 2009

Gadihokee and her Cats

This is about a friend of mine Gadihokee whose cats run absolutely wild; whoops the cats don't run at all, they are like statues or deep in thought perhaps planning coups and all. Now I hear another one has been added to the brood - meaow, ciow, and pow; the latter one not given to any sort of planning but merely to napping like the other two. The last time that my friend decided to go to another city, one of the cats hopped off a step and the other one slowly sauntered towards a car and hid under it. Word was sent to Gadihokee that her cats fell off the 4th floor and the other one was stuck under a neighbor's car. Needless to say a falling cat is not a cat at all but a fluff.

Anyway, Gadihokee took the next flight home, went cat crazy (with a flashlight) making all sorts of cooing sounds while going around the neighborhood wrapped in her blanket, waking up neighbors and generally behaving like a wild woman. Now if I were one of Gadihokee's neighbor I would have made sure that I shot from the hip at least one of the three - cat, Gadi, or flashlight. The latest in this story was that all three were discovered and in good health. Homeopathic medicines were administered to all three for trauma; psychiatric help was not needed. The flashlight was put away, cats were given milk, cookies, and razais;  Gadihokee took on a headache defending those insufferable cats.

Have a good cat nap everybody.


  1. Hi! This is hilarious - I can almost visualize it. I loved it. Will tell you my - similar -dog story some time.....

  2. Hey if it was me, I would be the one requiring psychiatric help!!