Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lateral thinking.

Thoughts by Joyce

Da Fish by Joyce

Just re-read Edward Bono's Lateral Thinking. A good way to start thinking creatively or differently about problems. Not something that conventional thought or education allows one to do. There is of course no one way to do things nor should it be that way. The same can be said for expecting different results from the same actions. 

Just small minor changes should do the trick. Many times people get bogged down just by the thought of making a change; that is why a bit of tweaking should produce results. When you throw a pebble in the water, it will create ripples unless you are trying to slide it in water. The idea is to create a ripple in your thinking just enough to see a shift. In short, get yourself a new thought and have fun with it.

Change your routine as some say. New things will be seen, new smells will come alive, new thoughts will surprise you. Boldness lies in thinking afresh and having the courage to start again despite all the hard work. Taking a different approach will be invigorating. I did my Master's in Films and Photography but gradually found myself drawn to writing and hence this first post in this Blog. 

Love of listening and finding cures lead me to Homeopathy which is a gentle but remarkable science classified under alternative treatment. I no longer pine for missed opportunities in conventional medicine although the money would have been good.  Nonetheless, Homeopathy is not so alternative in the East and Europe. Hopefully, it will find a way to come back in America as well. 

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