Monday, December 7, 2009

Unnecessary America Bashing.

Why is America bashing the new sport of the world?

Could it be that some Americans themselves are the arbitrators of this trend. In India there is a saying 'aa bael mujhe maar' - which is an unnecessary invitation to cause harm to oneself. America is hardly an empire like Britain was and hasn't colonized anything per se but does believe in keeping its foreign footprint alive and kicking. It is unnecessarily apologetic about its actions but is also the first to reach with help in innumerable disasters around the world. 

Its people can speak and write about anything they want. In fact it has an overdose of freedom which allows its ill wishers to preach and celebrate as they wish. It is also one of those countries where illegals run rampant in organized groups and demand rights which should never be there to begin with. Its haters give speeches and expect full immunity from any harm. It is perhaps the only nation which allows vile criticism of its existence, its policies, its ways - and yet goes on. It has redeemed itself many times over - something that is rare to see in other nations which couldn't care a hoot about world opinion. Yet we have seen it abandoning policies which since its birth have been mimicked by countless nations around the world to bring in progress and pursue happiness.

Despite all its good, it continues to face the dilemma of being the only super power remaining - if it helps it's blamed for interfering and if it doesn't help it is condemned for being arrogant and aloof. Damn if it does and damn if it doesn't. America I guess remains an enigma for most.


  1. What do you think America is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan; I am sure it has not gone for a picnic !, the only country in the world which can go to a democratic Panama and arrest it's President and lock him up in a Florida Jail......

  2. Reply to AK:
    It was 9/11 that got them there and in the process initiated some freedom as well - a concept not quite known in the region and hard to fathom as well. Iraq and Afghanistan have their own governments and should run the show accordingly.

  3. Joyce liked Samit Sinha's take on America:
    "I suppose America pays the price for being powerful. If you're powerful you're under greater scrutiny and judged more critically I suppose, with both your virtues and vices magnified. I guess it wouldn't matter if we were talking about Moldova for instance. Personally, I love America and believe it deserves respect and admiration much more than criticism, but on the other hand I do feel a bit wary of corporate America, because I'm never sure if they'll put anything above profits...

    Ultimately there has to be something truly great about a country that gave birth to rock'n'roll!!!"

  4. Sabeena Gadihoke asked me to paste it for her: Dec 12/09

    Question to ask. What brought 9/11 to the doorstep of America. Sorry Joyce I think there has to be more soul searching than that. It might interest u to know that it was America that armed the mujahidin in Afghanistan to fight the the monster was created by the American state. I think the mistake you are making is to equate American democracy (which has many plus points) with the some of the really reprehensible policies of the American Govt...why are you becoming a defender of those??

  5. Sabeena and Akhtar,
    It always shocks me to hear non-Americans speak of reprehensible policies of the US government. While you are quick to criticize the US policies, please take a moment to study history and ask the raped and pillaged citizens of Kuwait whether the US should have gone into Iraq. Please ask the those citizens living in Iran, China, Burma, Libya and other countries of the same ilk, whether they would like to have their voices heard. While not all US policies produce ideal results for everyone, the US is perhaps the only country that stands up and leads the charge to take up the case of freedom of rights and liberty. This is coming from a US citizen who lives and works overseas in South Asia to help and formulate the same policies you criticize.