Friday, December 2, 2011

Wanted: Ugly Indian.

The newest fad is Wanted: Ugly Indian!
No longer will advertisements of 'wanted fair and beautiful' be relevant. That is history now. It's the age of the ugly now. Every once in a while, a true people's movement comes along where its participants sweep away not only the rot but old attitudes and dysfunctional thinking. Here are a bunch of true occupiers where they occupy for just enough time to claim what was theirs, do the deed, and move on. These are the true Gandhians where they are truly the change they want to see. Forget Anna and his fasts. Forget all those hollow men and women. Here are a bunch of people who took it upon themselves to get India to shine again albeit in small corners. But it's the corners that have begun to stretch into streets and roads and soon enough the change is going to traverse the entire country. The onus is on destruction and transformation - of the dirty, the filthy, the smelly - to places of beauty, not monuments and Taj Mahals but simple walk ways and roads that people will take pleasure of stepping into and corners they will want to snuggle into.

No, the Ugly Indian did not have marches and protests. They became the protest with their brooms and pans. For most of us, this would have been too lowly. Here is true grit. In the face of the mammoth task, Ugly Indians did not shrivel and retire in their pristine homes,  they did not hold their noses when they stepped in those pot holes and puddles of murky  water, they did not avoid those marked and stained walls of piss and spit. They did not change their path. They altered reality. They made the path decent enough to walk on. Ugly Indian is truly a remarkable phenomenon where the ordinary has been transformed into the extraordinary by sheer tenacity in the face of filth. It is a shame that our politicians and other elected leaders who pay themselves plenty for doing nothing - never saw the need for a clean and healthy country. Street by street, block by block, city by city - the Ugly Indian is making its mark. It's time to claim our land. It's time to belie beauty and become the Ugly Indian.   

Notes: The Ugly Indian is a grassroots community organization; their motto shut up and do it.

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