Sunday, November 27, 2011

Obama Pardons a Turkey at Thanksgiving.

At last Obama got something; he pardoned a couple of turkeys for the annual Thanksgiving Holiday. He did this by himself - unilaterally without having to go to Congress. Earlier I did hear him complain about America's unilateral ways but the last I heard, Obama had ordered some kind of action in Libya or Egypt without bothering to check with Congress. Fortunately, with the help of many people, most of the dictators were dragged, displaced or delivered with death. Wasn't Obama adamant about slicing and dicing America's role in the world? But what does a man from Chicago know about the world much less about America itself. Anyway, coming back to the turkey that was pardoned, I saw him lift his hand and make a sign of the cross much like how the Pope does; then in his Thanksgiving address he thanked everybody except the good old Almighty; maybe the atheist-lobby got to the President before the God-lobby did. Nonetheless the nation felt relieved or at least I did at having been spared the cost of the turkey being added to the million trillion debt. To all appreciating eyes, the turkey was not borrowed from China.

I was also genuinely struck by the label Made in USA on the turkey's feathers or maybe there was Made in China stamped on its belly. Anyway with so much turmoil, I couldn't be sure of either. Somehow I do think that Obama deprived me of a turkey this year. The turkey that was pardoned was meant to come to my place but never made it beyond the White House gardens. So I had chicken instead but still managed to say thanks for all I had, have, and will have. Well at least the turkey got to see Obama because the Congress didn't and neither did I. Obama was clearly missing in action when Congress was supposed to be acting on behalf of the country to reduce its debt through cuts in its scandalous spending. It did not happen and the turkey-pardoning-man instead turned noble again and pardoned the whole miserable Congress for their behavior. After all, they had to get home for Thanksgiving Dinners - to give thanks that despite a miserable performance they still managed to keep their seats; and that while the country went down they made plenty profit from nefarious deals and insider trading, enough for many of their own generations to stay plump and stuffed.

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