Monday, July 19, 2010

incorrigible flirt ...

I am
with the wind 
 that moves the waters
 restless and calm
with the breeze
 that sways my feelings
 right and wrong
with the light
 that glows in the distance
with darkness 
 that leaves a footprint
with waves
 that crash
 before they reach
 the shore
with mud 
 that cakes my feet
with leaves
 that come down sailing
 yellow   green   orange
with the smell of petals
 in wet earth
with thoughts
 that charm
 my confusion
with the search
 that continues  to be
a mirage
 of people
 in deserts
 of snow ...


  1. Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury: Loved the last stanza especially..very resonant somehow..good going sunday beginnings :)

  2. Gita Viswanath: Evocative imagery.

  3. Salim Kidwai: Lovely Joycee!

  4. Suresh C Sharma: Joyece, great poetry... reminds me of my own...though zero before yrs

    पेड़ों के तो कान उमेठे,
    सूखे पत्तो को दोड़ाया.
    पोखर में खलबली मचादी,
    लहरों को क्या खूब नचाया
    पहले मेरे माथा चूमा,
    फिर बालों को भी सहलाया
    पीपल ने तालियाँ बजाई,
    कीकर ने झुनझुना बनाया

  5. Abha Chadha: ‎"With thoughts that charm my confusion" .. says it all.. love it!!

  6. Urmila Samson: Loved the whole poem. And that it inspired Suresh to share his poem too. I could 'see' and 'feel' each phrase. (I don't know if they are called phrases.)

  7. John Samson: Charming, loved the interlacing imagery.

  8. Reena Dodeja: Joyce ! You are a great your creative write ups !

  9. Jim Decouto: Thought vs soul, dark yet desire lingers, if soul were to preceed or engaged, then all that falls only to create a footprint that cakes the soles with mud would be ok as the poets dance of life continues like the endless movement of waves.

  10. Jaiya Venkat: Theres a true feel to you poem Jo...

  11. Chhabi Agarwal: Nature..a feast for all the senses. your flirtations with it make it so real for us, sitting miles away, almost like Pathetic Fallacy.