Thursday, June 5, 2014

Prisoner Exchange: Obama Style

There is a new order in the world for conducting prisoner exchange; it's called Obama Style. Obama just conducted one for Bowe Bergdahl for the terrible Taliban five, very dangerous terrorists held in Gitmo for years. As reports continue to emerge, Bowe Bergdahl is not the man Obama made him out to be much like Obama is not the man, America thought he was or was going to be. Bergdahl is a deserter who in earlier times would have been shot dead according to protocol. Not in Obama Times where deserters are honored, exchanged, brought home, their homecoming celebrated in the Rose Bowl of America's White House. In this brave new world, deserters get honored while soldiers who put their lives on the line are dissed by White House spokespeople like Marie Harf, a woman who may have never seen what war is, much like Gwyneth Paltrow, both women lucky to enjoy the privileges of living in a world made free by the sacrifice of soldiers, most of them honorable men and women.  

Now, America has effectively set a precedent of how to get your soldiers back, no questions asked. Whether people like Bergdahl collaborated with the enemy is regardless in this new enterprise. The country is 17 Trillion in debt but Obama also considered paying up to 5 million dollars to get Bergdahl back. The Taliban must have scoffed at the paltry amount. Obama obviously hadn't seen free flowing money from the Saudis for jihad! Anyway, Obama has begun to move the country in a direction of easy give and take and new definition of what honorable service is. It's this non-recognition of honor that lets Obama ignore a genuine and honorable Marine, holed up in Mexico for some weird reason. However, Marine Tahmooressi can be brought back from Mexico by exchanging any number of drug cartel members in USA or other criminals eating away taxpayers money, right here in the USA.  Surely, Mexico would be delighted at the offer, more so if a few millions are dangled as well. Currently, Cartel members/Gang members are being fed and provided with attorneys and lawyers (working feverishly for the rights of criminal offenders) and when things go their way, which happens many times, criminals and drug cartels are allowed to stay on in the country as well; their families get the invite as well. All this could be achieved with Obama's prisoner exchange program.

There are other exchanges that can be done by Obama while he still has 2 more years remaining in office, good enough time to wreck some more damage to the country, make a mockery of protecting Americans, reduce terrorism to some euphemistic noble words and actions, and still claim victory! There are many ambitious terrorists sitting pretty in Gitmo and others jailed in America's high security prisons. Obama needs to move quick before his 2 years are over. There are killers, all kinds, with steel claws, pirate gear, ZZ Top style bearded men, angry men, hate spewing men, all declaring death and destruction to non-Muslims in Satanic lands especially where Christianity is still present. No, Al-Qaeda is NOT on the run and neither are its myriad affiliates! Obama can easily exchange these people with Americans rotting in foreign lands. It is truly an amazing opportunity for a full scale prisoner exchange. A quick release of hardened criminals and terrorists as per Obama's liberally chaotic world, would be wonderful especially if it is done without knowledge of Congress and American people.

In Obama Land of Lies, Deception and Dementia, there is no war on terrorists. In fact, there are no terrorists and if there are, they have legitimate grievances which Obama administration will do everything in its power to rectify; after all America needs to be cut down to size. Obama has been made president of America to redress America's wrongs and set it right with the world in every which way possible! With his prisoner exchange program, Obama will re-set world order to a state of utopia, extend the olive branch to all intent on destroying the free world. Obama's Style of exchange will bring peace, prosperity and goodwill among all. This is Obama Style and unfortunately many Americans upheld it as well. This is what Liberals and Democrats wanted to see in Obama; this is what Obama wanted to do since he donned the presidential cape and quickly mistook it for a King's cape and crown. And just as he goes about his presidential business with complete disregard for laws and the constitution, he continues to become more and more enamored with his useless ideas. Long Live King Obama, cry his loyal subjects!

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