Monday, June 10, 2013

Bags and Men

The last time my husband bought a bag was a decade ago.  Somehow I’ve noticed men never seem to need a bag. Are they light travelers? Is that a reason they move quick from undesirable situations and people? Are they more secure in their personas? Are they pickier than women? This is quite a contrast to my women friends and I who buy hundreds of bags in our lifetime. There is one particular friend Vandana who probably has a million bags by now; I think she may have a record for buying bags every few minutes or maybe hours; I can’t be very sure, only time could tell.

So when my husband aka Bapi said he needed a bag, my mind started whirring. What could Bapi need a bag for; does he have to hide some secrets in that bag; will the bag come with furtive pockets; was he planning on a clandestine trip; was this a precursor to a separation and so on. The search for this bag began in stores and ended on Amazon. Bapi found a few, went crazy trying to choose between black and grey, abandoned some rather quickly when he saw them being advertised by men who looked very un-manly and the kinds who stood with their hips stuck out to one side; he also watched videos about the bags he took a fancy to, read reviews, ordered them, placed them in the cart, changed his mind, cancelled them and thus the bag saga went on for a while. 

I was told to stay out of it because I picked up some pansy looking bags. Bapi needed a very manly bag, which could either be grey or black and I asked him if he was deliberately trying to confuse life or me by including two colors. I suggested he carry a cardboard box, which came only in one color and one shape. The bag had to be big at least 15 inches in length and could not show the manufacturer’s name anywhere. I immediately felt sorry for the maker who could not even claim credit for the marvelous piece whenever it would have been possible for it to be possessed by some man. Finally I had to ask what exactly was he planning on carrying in this highly desirable bag. Bapi said he had his Chap Stick and keys.  Is that it, I asked because I seemed to have the entire globe in my handbag.  


  1. Thanks Joyce for including my name in your illustrious writing. Wish you could have seen the big, proud smile that my face would have put a cheshire cat to shame...I do seem to be such a "bag lady", lol!! But what ado about nothing, regarding Bapi'x bag. was only needed to hold his chap stick and keys!!! Loved the way you reacted to Bapi's request...with such suspicion and misgivings that lead to such a beautiful account of the subsequent search for this mysterious bag. You really have a way with words...Thoroughly enjoyed your usual. You have such a knack of making any mundane situation an hilarious adventure!!!

  2. Interesting stories on bags. For a while I was thinking you were talking about the large computer style bags with rooms for books, documents and all the jazz around it. Good story:).

  3. Haha! I love this post! Men do have trouble with these things because apparently men should not carry bags. I get it though. I'm strange for a woman, because I have an aversion to carrying a large bag. All of mine are very tiny. It's freeing to not have to carry the world in your bag. :)