Thursday, September 29, 2011

Salivating on 9/11. (Written on September 12, 2011)

Yes, many around the Muslim countries were seen gloating at the expression of sorrow on 9/11. Other reprehensible characters, the ones known as terrorists may have been salivating and ready in full gear to go out and attack on this commemorative day. Thank God, the Intelligence and the protective forces, America stayed safe on this day. Sadly enough, prayer or any expression of it was absent on this day - thanks to the ultra politically correct Mayor of NY. Who was he worried about offending - Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, or maybe the Islamic terrorists themselves? In fact, the Mayor did a disservice to the Muslim community. This would have been an appropriate time for Muslims in America to show their allegiance to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Well, that is what is claimed by most of them although that is not what a few are aspiring toward. I suppose the pledge of allegiance didn't mean much. This would have been a wonderful opportunity for the Muslim clergy as well to reassure on behalf of other followers who did not support or harbor extreme views.
What could have been more reassuring than a little prayer service at the ceremony? Atheists, Liberals and secularists could have been a little generous and ignored the majority's whims and fancies for this day; the rest could have just reflected or prayed for peace and strength. But here was a Mayor who made the decision under the garb of being secular. Did he forget that religion was clearly the motive behind 9/11 attacks? No matter what wool anybody tries to pull over our eyes, all thinking people understand the despicable ideology that was the basis of this attack and all other terrorist attacks in the past few years. Radical Islam may have a small percentage of followers but that percentage translates into millions and millions of followers with additional millions supporting the cause. Seems like radical Islam is winning over peaceful Islam. I think it's time Muslims took their religion back or non-Muslims rose up strong to defend their way of life. We all have a right to exist and exist well we must.

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